Let us design and Install
your very own
ninja warrior obstacle course
Indoors or Outdoors!

The Ultimate Rig

  • 14 1/2' Warped Wall includes spider climb with rock wall

  • 20' Long Rig stocked with Cheese Boards, HangTime Trio, Cargo Net, Unstable Bridge, Hanging Ladder and more!

  • Salmon Ladder

  • Devil Step/Peg Board Combo

  • Padded Angles Steps

Reccomended Space: 45' x 25'

Stage 1

The Real Life Ninja Basic Rig includes the basic elements you need to get started with Ninja in your space. Choose from 3 size options of  warped wall, monkey bars, salmon ladder and pegboard fit together perfectly to create a standalone ninja multi use station.

The back of the warped wall includes pre-installed T-Nuts for included climbing holds or optional cliff hangers.

The monkey bars are spaced 1ft apart and are the perfect way to hang many different obstacles, while the solid oak salmon ladder fits perfectly on the other end.

This setup is designed to fit seamlessly with our optional Pipe System!

Recommended Space: 34' x 5' 

Stage 2

Includes three swing obstacles and 4 balls and chucks. 

Balance trainers for the ground work

Three 8’ crash mats to cover the area below

Plenty of upgrades and add on items available as time goes on and the athlete improves.     


Recommended Space: 3o' x 12'

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